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Originally launched in 1949 by Edmond Roudnitska, MOUSTACHE draws inspiration from Van Dyck’s portrait of Charles 1st of England with fine whiskers. After almost 70 years, Interparfums has decided to reintroduce this iconic fragrance using the original formula. MOUSTACHE ORIGINAL 1949, EAU DE TOILETTE is a vintage and classic scent, Bergamot and lemon create a fresh and delightful opening, reminiscent of a trip to Calabria. The heart notes feature pure Lavender, Neroli, and Violet, exuding elegance and charm, with a surprisingly youthful character. Patchouli, Mosses, and White Musks in the base notes provide simplicity, intimacy, and immaculacy. Described as an incredibly contemporary aromatic EDT, it offers a burst of light and a seductive, distinguished essence.

Rochas Moustache EDT

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