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Lancôme Miracle Eau De Parfum in a 100mL size is a vivacious, effervescent fragrance that unfolds like the first light of day, graced by the freshness of Lychee and Freesia.

You are the catalyst. This lively, sparkling scent awakens like the sunrise, presenting crisp, dew-kissed notes of Lychee and Freesia. Its heart, with a touch of spiciness, resonates with Magnolia, Jasmine, Ginger, and Pepper, while its comforting base notes enshroud you in the luxurious embrace of Amber and Musk.

A rejuvenating commencement: A harmonious blend of fruity and floral notes, blending succulent Lychee with the effervescent charm of Freesia. An ardent, floral-spicy core: The grace of Magnolia intertwined with the fiery allure of Bourbon Pepper and Ginger. A sumptuous, radiant foundation: The profound radiance of Absolute Jasmine ignited by the warm, sensuous harmonies of Musk and Amber.

Lancome Miracle



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