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Heir to Guerlain's exceptional heritage, Les Légendaires collection pays tribute to legendary creations composed by five generations of perfumers since 1828. Inspired by a series of love stories, both real and imagined, each fragrance infused with raw materials leaves a glorious scent of emotion in its wake.Discover Samsara, the scent of absolute love.
She has found harmony. She's at one with herself and the world. She radiates with serene beauty and fulfilment.Jean-Paul Guerlain composed this distinguished woody, amber fragrance for the woman in his life who never wore perfume. Returning from travels in the East, the perfumer brought with him precious jasmine and sandalwood, sacred essences of the Gods used in temples, which he then enveloped with ylang-ylang and vanilla. Samsara, a Sanskrit word meaning "eternal rebirth", is more than a statement. It's wildly seductive and the pure expression of an absolute love that forever embodies the scent of a true, sacred love.With their emblematic, gem-like bottles, the famous inverted heart designed by Raymond Guerlain, Les Légendaires transcends the passing of time, serving as immortal inspiration for the future.

Guerlain Samsara EDT

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