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J'adore is a contemporary and alluring fragrance that has gained immense popularity, leading to the creation of various concentrations and variants. It exudes a radiant quality, akin to the shimmering glow of sunlight on the skin. The fragrance's classic and ambitious nature is mirrored in its bottle design, resembling an elegant Greek amphora.


J'adore redefines the essence of Dior femininity, offering a scent that is simultaneously innovative and in harmony with the iconic Dior style. It presents a composition that is sweet yet balmy, with a subtle sharpness in its floral notes. At the top, you'll encounter the freshness of mandarin, followed by a heart filled with jasmine, plum, orchid, and rose. The fragrance leaves a captivating trail with the notes of amaranth, musk, and blackberry.

Dior Jadore EDT

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